March 30, 2020

In the sea of different styles and opinions, choosing the right wedding photographer can be quite challenging nowadays. Especially if you are doing this for the first time. I put together some guidelines, which will hopefully help you choose the right wedding photographer who will frame your precious wedding memories forever.

1. You have to “click.”

The wedding is an intimate event, and thus, it is crucial that you “click” with your wedding photographer. You have to feel relaxed next to him/her because he/she is the only one next to you through the entire wedding day. Consequently, you’ll trust this person more, and he/she will be able to catch you at the most vulnerable of your moments. To see if you “click,” make sure you schedule in-person or a skype meeting before your final decision. The very first conversation usually reveals if you will get along or not.

Additionally, try to be as open with your expectations as possible. And don’t worry, sometimes you just don’t click, and that’s perfectly fine, there are plenty of photographers out there, and I’m sure everyone’s able to the right one. Also, don’t just settle for anything, it’s your day, and you deserve to get the best experience out of it!

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2. Choose what suits your style and personality

If you cannot imagine yourself on his/her photos, he/she is probably not the one for you… If you are a lively person, you love to laugh, make sure you don’t go for a photographer who has a darker, moody style since those probably won’t make you happy…trust your gut and go for the one who’s photos makes you feel the spark! Additionally, think about what you appreciate the most about your wedding. Will that be the details that you put a lot of effort into? Are those moments with your loved ones? Are those perfectly posed bride and groom’s portraits? Seek for what’s meaningful to you in your photographer’s portfolio. Also, don’t try to force another photographer’s style in the style of a chosen photographer. Firstly, because most of the time, it is super hard to replicate the exact moment or pose, and secondly, what’s the point of doing that? Everyone’s different! Go with the flow, and he or she will create what will make you the happiest.

3. Never decide according to the beautiful “Instagram” feed

To be quite honest with you, everyone can do a lovely portrait in a perfect golden hour. The best wedding photographers are the ones that can get the best out of every situation, meaning a gloomy rainy day, people who are not natural in posing or the location, which isn’t anything special. To see beyond that beautiful Instagram feed, dig deeper and have a look at their website and portfolio, try to find out how they take photos in bad light situations like in darkness, harsh daylight, etc. As per usual, the galleries where you can see the entire wedding day captured speaks for the work of the chosen photographer. Additionally, choose quality over reputation. If someone has a reputation, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best and perhaps better than someone still paving his way up there. 

4. Make sure you sign the contract

It is a sign of professionalism and both sides can be sure that everything promised will be realized. And don’t forget to read it carefully to know exactly how your photographer works to avoid unnecessary questions and unwanted surprises

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5. Photography is the only thing that lasts

Yep, the beautiful decor will fade away, music will once be forgotten, but photography is the only thing that stays for all of the years after. Do you really want to save money on this part of your wedding investment? Photography is the moment frozen in time and thus, the hugs with your mother, the moment you down the aisle, his very first look, …those moments will stay with you forever if they are caught in the right way.