February 1, 2021

Love your dog? Wonderful, me too! 🙂 Here are 5 awesome ways to include your favorite four-legged friend in your wedding/elopement:

  1. Doggo as a ring bearer (or flower girl!) 
  2. Include your dog in getting ready process (& photos) – it will spark the atmosphere for sure.
  3. Include him/her in your wedding photos 

Or if they cannot make it to the wedding include them in:

  1. Engagement photoshoot 
  2. Wedding stationery, details (custom drawings, photos, etc) 

If you’re thinking to include your favorite doggo in your wedding day plans, here are some of the most important things to take into consideration:

The personality of your dog. Is she socialized and well-behaved or shy? Does she do well in crowds of people? Will this be physically challenging for her? The well-being of your dog must be a top priority – your pet deserves to be comfortable in any situation. If you think the event might be more stressful than fun for your dog, you may want to weigh in how important it is to bring her to the event. 

Ensure that your guests are comfortable around your dog. In any case, let them know in advance if your pet is going to be around at your wedding. However, she should always be on her leash and under control by her designated pet sitter. 

Pet-friendly venue. Don’t forget to check if dogs are allowed at your venue and in the rooms (if you are planning to sleep there as well), where your dog can relax and eat once she/he had enough attention for the day. 

Designated pet sitter. Someone (of your family, friends) should be assigned as a designated handler to be responsible for your dog at all times. In that case, you can be carefree and don’t have to worry when she has to pee, eat or go for a rest. In a perfect scenario, it should be someone your dog already knows, so she can feel as comfortable in such an unusual and chaotic environment. Also make sure that the handler has everything your dog needs: doggy bags, food, favorite toys, and treats (Ps. chewing is proved to relieve stress and makes your dog calmer). Don’t forget the portable water, especially on warm sunny days! 

Don’t forget to take him/her to the groomer before the day so she looks and smells good. I’m sure your guests will be delighted to pet her. 

Cute wedding outfit for the day – special interesting new leash, collar (can even be within your wedding color palette) for her to look her best on the photos. But do not overdo it and still make sure she is comfortable with whatever she’s wearing! 

Make sure you have plan B to prepare for the unexpected; such as the exit plan if your dog cannot calmly make it through the ceremony, starts barking or if she wanders anywhere around.  Treats might come in handy in all kinds of such situations.

Anyhow, keep in mind that the well-being of your dog must always be a top priority. Even though the photos might look super cute with your dog in them, she deserves to be comfortable in any situation. 

I hope these images from my past weddings give you some fun ideas! 🙂