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Warm. Alive. Genuine.

I’m Ana Kete destination wedding photographer from Slovenia, currently based in Dublin, Ireland, but always willing to fly wherever you are!

I’m all about chasing beautiful light, meeting wonderful people and exploring breathtaking landscapes. Weddings are my absolute favourite, but I also do couple sessions, family photography, boudoir, professional portraits as well as events.
I’ll shoot anything with fun at its heart: I go wherever photography takes me, but in my experience, it tends to be where the love is.

I could explain all about how I’ve doing this since I was 16, how I always listen to my clients and how I approach everything with a super high level of care and attention to detail, but I’m sure you’ve read it all before elsewhere. Instead, I’ll tell you about what’s truly meaningful to me when I’m creating beautiful memories from behind my camera:


I’d like to think this covers both the warmth of my work and the warmth I try to emit as a person. My approach is intimate, friendly and energetic. I think my energy allows my clients to relax and really enjoy their time in front of my camera…even if that’s not usually somewhere they feel comfortable. Colour also plays a big role in my imagery. I think what really makes you choose one photograph over another is the feeling that the palette gives you. I like to infuse my photos with a rosy, sun-baked vibe which works really well for weddings as it tends to conjure up a relaxed, romantic vibe.


It’s all about unforgettable experiences, catching hold of unique, one-off moments and preserving them forever. It’s such an important thing to do. I try to bring a sense of joy to every single project that I undertake and it’s never a hardship. I genuinely adore what I do and it doesn’t even really feel like work: giving my couples meaningful experiences and helping them make memories is a total joy.


However you visualise this most mysterious of emotions – long hugs, watching the sunrise from bed, evening walks on the shore, unforgettable adventures, pulling through a challenging time together, belly laughs or just spending a quiet moment in each other’s company – it’s important to love what you do and do what you love. I hope my photos reflect this.

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