To all the lovely people who follow me along,

Summer is in a full swing and as I really love taking summerish photos in my free time, away from the wedding ones, I decided to share some useful summer photography tips with you.

Ps. All of the photos below are taken with my phone (Iphone 7 plus) camera.


  1. Take advantage of your phone or any other camera

I’m a professional wedding photographer and I should carry my camera around all the time, right? Well, not necessarily true for me. If you ask my loved ones they know, that in a life away from my daily job as a destination wedding photographer, I rarely use my professional camera. Firstly, because it’s just too heavy and big to carry around all the time and secondly, because I think a phone camera is good enough on the go. I always try to bust the myth and tell everyone they don’t need the best camera in the world to do a great photo.

In my opinion, iphone camera is still the best – I use iphone 7 plus. I tried Huawei p10, which was also very good – it can do raw format photos (easier to edit afterwards) and it has a function of »bokeh effect« as well as iphone 7 or 8 plus and iphone x. Samsung 8 works perfectly when the light contitions aren’t the best.

I believe that with a little effort and some editing afterwards, you will create miracles with basically any other smartphone as well.



  1. The secret ingredient is LIGHT

Simple as that? Yes!! The most important thing to make any good photo is always a good light and the way you use it. The best time to take photos is early in the morning (sunrise time) or in the late afternoon – sunset time or golden hour time. It’s the magical time when the sun is setting down and creates a perfect golden light. When you have that and you know how to place the subject correctly, I’m sure the photo should look awesome! Works for selfies as well.


I always seek for beautiful shadows and experiment how the light works the best.


Also, take advantage of cloudy weather. It creates soft lines on the photos and you can take photos any time of the day and it will still look good.

What to avoid? Taking photos at noon or whenever the sun is harsh– even for me as a professional, this can be challenging since the light is very harsh.

Secondly, avoid using flashlight as much as possible. If you use it in the night time, where there is no other option, make sure you always correct the red eyes that make you look like a monster. Almost every phone has this function.


  1. Don’t let “the sea flows out of the photo”

That’s a funny way how I call this tip 🙂  But guess what, this simple tip can make many of your photos look more profesional and it basically means you should always pay attention that your horizon is flat. There is a built in app on your iphone that actually correct this for you afterwards.


  1. Use »the portrait« function

I’m an iphone user and there is a perfect setting that creates »bokeh effect« on your photos – you have this function on iphone 7 plus, 8 plus & iphone x. It makes it look professional and just like from the camera. You have to put some effort there, but I can say it creates a perfect result. The only thing to be aware of are some lines that aren’t sharp.



  1. Edit your photos afterwards

I edit most of iphone photos that I like. Firstly, I select the favourite photos and delete the rest and than I experiment with the two of my favourite apps.

My favourite is definitely VSCO app, with filters for a little vintage effect. My favourite two filters are A6 & M5.

Here, I do not have a secret recipe, since I edit most of my photos by instinc and I already know what works the best for my taste. Firstly, I select the filter I like the most (depending on the light and the scenery of the photo) and than on the top of that, I correct the density of the filter, light, contrast and some saturation/colors. The best tip for you is to experiment as much as possible in order to figure out what works the best for you.  Although it still takes time to figure that out! 🙂

If you are advanced user like myself, you should use Lightroom, phone version.

Other apps that I like and use: Afterlight for great vintage effect, Snapseed and Unfold for your insta stories to look good.


Ps. A detailed guide how to edit your photos step by step will be here soon!

Extra tip: Use a tripod

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an »insta boyfriend/girlfriend« 😉 to take your photos or if you want to do someting together, simply use a tripod. You can get one in a supermarket!


I hope you find this tips useful and I wish you to enjoy the rest of the summer as much as possible.